Corporate Lobbyists Push Poll 1% Sales Tax Hike

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group has finally revealed how it wishes to tax San Francisco Bay Area residents in order to fund the next glut of wasteful multi-billion dollar highway traffic capacity expansion projects – with a 1-cent-per-dollar-spent sales tax increase that would apply to entire nine-county region. The corporate lobbying group also polled the public on support for housing development and improvements, specifically those crafted by the secretive CASA Compact Committee. The poll results were published in The Mercury News on March 25.

The “Leadership” Group is long known for deceptive push polls designed to show greater public support for new taxes than really exists, and to promote certain types of taxes such as sales taxes over more equitable taxation methods such as corporate taxes or property taxes. This poll on the mega measure for transportation, for example, asks voters if they would support a tax hike to improve public transit (and reduce car traffic congestion!) but intentionally omits the fact that 20 to 30 percent of the tax revenue will be spent on creating even more car traffic congestion with new bigger interchanges and new highway toll lanes. If you built it, they will come, but SVLG never mentions that the taxes they are pushing will be used to expand highway capacity, specifically with new toll lanes called “Express Lanes”.

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