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Bay Area at a Crossroads   BATWG 11/12/19

It’s no secret that because of disconnected transit systems and ever-increasing traffic backups, the Bay Area is becoming more and more constricted…..and that helps no one.

To Build a Seamless Transit System, Governance Reforms Must Accompany New Funding  Seamless Bay Area 10/15/19 Note: We recommend the analysis here highly, but believe it is imprudent to move a funding measure forward prior to putting governance reform in place.

A regional “Commission on Bay Area Transportation Governance and Funding”, set up by the State, is the best way of fixing Bay Area transit to create unified, world-class transit system

Opinion: Bay Area $100 billion transportation tax offers little new  BATWG in East Bay Times 10/4/19

Who wouldn’t want significant transit improvements, coupled with other measures designed to unclog the region’s thoroughfares? If wisely spent, $100 billion could do a lot of good. But it’s a long ways from here to there. For starters, sponsors of Faster Bay Area would have to demonstrate that this time it wouldn’t be just more of the same.

$100,000,000,000 to Fix Bay Area Transportation?  BATWG 9/10/19

As SVLG VP Jason Baker put it…”we think the time is ripe to work for a world class, integrated transit system that is faster, more reliable, more affordable and more equitable…”

California Political Review  8/2/19

Super idea.  The problem is simple—how do you get rid of people living in an area?  Make it too expensive to live.  In the Bay Area, the highest cost area of the nation, they still have too many people.

Editorial: Slow down on $100 billion Bay Area transportation tax Mercury News 6/13/19  Highly Recommended!

Rather than another grab bag of projects, we need a holistic approach in which the business community steps up

Can Bay Area Taxpayers Afford a New “taxpayer busting” $100 billion Transit Tax Proposal?  Fox & Hounds 6/3/19

But if recent history in California politics tells us anything, it is that successful tax hikes beget higher and higher tax hikes, and still “bolder and bolder” tax proposals that will continue to increase the already exorbitant cost of living and doing business in the State of California.