Why Vote No?

Reasons to vote NO on the 2020 mega tax for transportation:

1 – Exactly this type of tax with similar expenditure plans that include 20 – 30 percent of revenue for expanding highways for more car traffic have failed to accomplish any of their stated goals – to reduce car traffic congestion and improve transit – for decades.

2 – The mega tax underfunds public transit – yet again.

3 – The mega tax was developed and written by corporations with zero accessible public input.

4 – Even the public transit projects that would be funded by the mega tax are poor expenditures of limited taxpayer dollars – most are very expensive rail projects that will serve few residents and at higher ongoing operating cost than expanded bus service.

5 – The public agencies that would received the huge tax windfall are incompetently managed and have proposed no program to reform themselves whatsoever. Their Boards of Directors are appointed in secret meetings from among already-elected city council members – typically council members who have no special knowledge or experience with transportation programs. If our local governments want even more tax revenue to spend, they first need to prove that they can do so wisely rather than incompetently.